Agency Hackers

This is a page exclusively for attendees of the Agency Hackers webinar.


I am offering a number of 60-minute consultations to those who attended the webinar. You can use these for whatever you need, but here’s what I suggest:

  • Priorities – establish the three things you really, really, need to concentrate on. Remember – with 3 priorities 60% of your time is useful, with 5, that comes down to 25%.;
  • Distractions – know what’s likely to pull you away from what you need to do and have your response ready;
  • Getting agreement, because it’s an essential prerequisite for effective action. If you are struggling to achieve consensus, what can you do?
  • Here is the link to my calendar. I have scheduled ten over the next five working days. I may be able to free up time for more, but am making no promises.

Choose one of these and you will be surprised how much we can achieve.

Other Useful Stuff

Other than booking a consultation, you are invited to sign up for new material as it becomes available, or head over to the main crisis management page for a range of other resources.