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Are You Undercharging?

You had to read a lot of my emails to arrive at this page, so you clearly suspect that you are selling yourself short.

You may be right, or you may be wrong , but…

That suspicion will not leave you. It will haunt you, like that slightly worrying sound your car makes that you probably ought to get a mechanic to look at, sometime. Or that persistent dry cough that’s probably nothing, but maybe I should see the doctor, when I have a bit of a quiet period at work…

I offer you the chance to knock this thing on the head, definitively. Are you undercharging, or not? 

I’ll take you through a carefully designed process. You don’t need to prepare, because you know your business well enough already. I do 90% of the hard thinking. There’s no fee, and no selling (that can come later IF we both think it makes sense).

You can book a diagnostic session below. You’ll probably find an appointment within a week. Afterwards, whatever the result, you’ll feel better. Because you’ll know.

If the calendar doesn’t display correctly you can also use this link. If you’re interested but not quite sure, you can email me via this link and I’ll get back to you with my suggestions.

What Other People Say

“In the first month, not only did the adjustments we made pay for Alastair’s fees, we identified enough opportunities to pay for the engagement 30 times over the next three years.

We unearthed highly valuable and unique skills that we had been underselling, and now have an entirely new vision for the future of the company. 

We made more progress in an hour a week with Alastair over 4 months than we had in the previous 4 years.”

Sarah Lafferty, Round Earth Consulting

Working with Alastair has had a massive impact already. Moving away from billing hours and £s towards focussing on value has been liberating. It has removed a lot of the noise and given us a lot more confidence in ourselves and the value of what we do. We’re looking forward to the results from 3-4 proposals we have out which are at much higher prices than before.”

Jo Hind, Bird Soup Consultancy

“At Curated we have an ability to look into our clients’ businesses and see things that they can’t because they are too close. It was amazing how an outsider was able to do the same for us, particularly an outsider who draws on multiple different sources. I have never met anyone like Alastair who can bring ideas from psychology, sociology, philosophy and even management theory to bear productively on business issues. We can’t properly calculate the ROI on our work with him because many benefits are still to come, but we are already beyond 10x”

Simon Douglass, Curated Digital