Are You Ready for a Breakthrough?

To see whether you have the prerequisites, just say how much you agree with the following statements.

We can make a plausible case that we offer something that the market needs, that it cannot get from anyone else



Our efforts to grow our business are running into the area of diminishing returns; less and less improvement from the same amount of effort, or from more effort



We are willing to consider, and implement, courses of action which seem at first sight strange or unfamiliar, even if noone else in our world is doing anything similar



Although our industry has its unique features, we believe that there are useful things we can learn or copy from businesses in completely different fields



We have, or can develop, an “early adopter” mentality. If we see a new idea and can see how it can benefit the business, we will run with it. We don’t need to wait and see one of our peers doing it first.



We are prepared to accept that some of the things we did that made us successful up to this point could be the very things that are keeping us stuck now, and stop doing them.