Growth Possibility Consultation

You may be frustrated with the progress of your business, and looking for ways to accelerate growth. Or you may be happy enough, but willing to spend an hour to find out whether more is possible. In either case, you should book a consultation.

The consultation will give you a clear picture of what is possible, and an indication of the areas in which you can most usefully take action; the three  areas in which the smallest quantity of effort and resources will produce the greatest impact. The video below explains how this works.

The process works because of  three things;

  • The value of an informed external view. You spend all day, every day inside your business, which of necessity makes it difficult to take a step back. As they say, “you can’t read the label from inside the jar.”
  • My ability to provide insight and examples from a wide range of sources. In Forbes I publish 2-3 interviews a month with growth companies, and in a typical week speak to 3 or 4 such companies. Subject to all appropriate confidentiality this provides a huge knowledge base.
  • A carefully developed, step by step process for rapidly identifying the key issues and the most promising solutions.

The consultation is available without fee to the leaders of suitable companies. If you would like a consultation, please contact me