The Discovery Project

Before committing to a project, you would naturally want assurance that there was the chance of  a worthwhile return on investment; is there enough benefit here to justify the time and money involved? And if you do commit, you would want to be sure that you have the most effective course of action, and that any possible difficulties and points of resistance have been identified and a plan devised to deal with them.

This is the purpose of the discovery project. I will interview, investigate and observe in all relevant parts of the organisation to whatever depth is necessary to give you:

  • The most effective and efficient outline action plan for achieving your objective, which you may implement with or without further help from me;
  • An assessment of likely roadblocks, and plans for overcoming them;
  • An assessment how receptive the organisation is to the change you want; who is already on side, and who needs to be persuaded.

The discovery project can usually be completed within two weeks, to give you a solid basis for a decision on whether or not to proceed.