Finding the Path Back to Growth

Here is a 30 minute video on Finding the Path Back to Growth. If you find that your business is hitting a plateau and you want to get it moving again I really, strongly urge you to watch the whole thing. But if  you just don’t have the time, below the video are the times of the different sections so you can skim to what you want.


03:15 Preview. The five steps.

03:40 Finding the great business hidden inside your existing business. Why you may be in more different businesses than you think. Case study: 25% additional profit in 9 months with minimal effort.

08:45 Getting the customer story right. A business planned for closure becomes a growth opportunity.

11:20 The products, and their evolution. The life cycle of empires curve. Why maintaining a balanced portfolio is so important – and so hard. Avoiding the “slow motion emergency,”

17:00 Pricing. Probably the most powerful lever for improving performance.

23:10 Organisation. The Dead Fish Theory of problem-solving

26:45: For the very impatient. Summary, and what to do next.

Details of the consultation are here.