The Strategist For Those Impatient To Do Great Things, and Frustrated With The Usual Methods

How To Be Unique

You’re in! The first email is on its way, and will be with you in 2-3 minutes.

While you wait, let me give you a quick preview.

Imagine talking to a client or prospect like this:

“I’m the expert here. The best thing for you to do is to answer my questions. If some of them seem a little strange or make you feel a bit uncomfortable, just answer them anyway. I know what I’m doing. And once I’ve finished the questions, I’ll tell you what to do. Just follow the instructions precisely – I know better than you do.”

Actually, don’t! Or at least not until I’ve explained how to send the same message, and get the response you want, in a more tactful way.

You have yourself been given a message like this – and complied. It was when you consulted a doctor. She wouldn’t have been as brutal as I was above, but the message was the same “I’m the expert. The best thing for you to do is to do what I say.” And you accepted this.

That’s the position I want you to be in when you have finished the course of emails. To go from being one of a crowd of possible vendors all claiming they can do the work but short on proof and lacking uniqueness all shouting out “pick me, pick me, please pick me”, to being the one they trust. That is, the one they trust. The only one they trust.

You know that in your sphere of expertise you are the expert. It’s time to get that recognised.

If the email arrives in your promotions or (heaven forbid!) spam folder, do what you need to do to make sure the subsequent ones arrive straight in your inbox.

If you use gmail, some versions have a button marked “stop second-guessing my choices and just put my emails where I want to see them god dammit!”. Otherwise, you drag the mail from the promotions folder to the primary inbox, then click “yes” when gmail asks if you want it to treat future emails from the same sender the same way. Sometimes algorithms need some firm guidance.

The first mail should be with you my now.