How to Set Priorities (without it ending in a fight)

In a previous post, I talked about the principle that:

if you have three hours a day and three priorities, you will make good progress. If you have ten hours a day and ten priorities, you will spin your wheels. So you can only afford three.”

That naturally raises the question:

So which three priorities do you choose?

The question is hard, because various things can go wrong:

  • You go through the exercise, and end up with everything as a first priority;
  • You go round and round in circles, never arriving at an answer;
  • It becomes a political process – not what priority, but whose priority?

In all, there are excellent opportunities for consuming huge amounts of time and damaging relationships.

But there are better ways. You need a process that is systematic, guaranteed to reach a conclusion, objective and transparent. The video presents three techniques.