The Leverage Test

It’s not enough to be able to solve problems and produce change. In a fast-moving world where resources are always scarce, you need to be able to solve problems and produce change in the way that produces the maximum impact with the from the minimum amount of effort in the shortest time. That’s leverage.

This test will tell you how effectively you use leverage. At the end, I will offer you a chapter from my book, Business Remastered, which will give you a systematic way of increasing your leverage.

Answer the following 8 Questions

Conflicts seem to be increasing. It is harder and harder to get people in different functions to collaborate. What would you do first:



Defect rates are rising. To solve the problem, do you first:



You have a problem in accounts receivable; increasing amounts are overdue. What would you consider first:



You have an increasing problem with rush orders – promises of rapid delivery made by the salesforce which cause problems in the factory. Would you first;



Margins and sales volumes are declining on major customers. Would you first:



Typically, how many priorities do managers in your organisation have?



You are finding it more difficult to come up with new product ideas. Would you first:



Sales are falling across the board. What would you do first: