Intelligent Pricing Architecture

A Briefing for Senior Leaders on how to:

Stand out from your competitors and put yourself in a category of your own to get paid what you are truly worth.

Some businesses, and yours may be among them, have the opportunity by use of experience, insight, specialised knowledge or sheer genius, to produce value for their clients out of all proportion to the time taken. This raises the question – do you always get paid what you are worth?

If you recognise this issue you are probably  familiar, at least in theory, with the concept of value-based pricing. But if you have tried to implement value-based pricing in practice, you will have discovered that things don’t always go according to plan. Watch the video (4 mins) to discover more. 

At the briefing we will cover:

  • The potential of Intelligent Pricing Architecture;
  • The three foundational principles;
  • Demonstrations of application, including how a digital marketing agency achieved a retainer of £10k+per month for work it was previously doing for nothing, and a software company devised a pricing model worth 5x the revenue with no additional customers or users.

The session lasts one hour, with ample time for Q&A. It takes place twice a month at 11am EST, 8am PDT 4pm UK. See here for current dates. Or if you have any questions, drop me a line.