Here’s what it looks like – an example from a different field:



Now this is rather different from any project we might do together, but there are many parallels.

  • The solution is not perfect, but good enough – the car will pass a superficial, not a detailed examination
  • He works with what he has; the cleaning materials under the sink, the blankets from the bedroom;
  • There isn’t much time; in this case 40 minutes;
  • There’s a lot at stake; in this case, a substantial jail term;
  • But one thing that’s different:  he says “I’m not here to say please. I’m here to tell you what to do.” That’s not me. I’m actually very polite (for an impatient person).

These are the principles of any work we might to together:

  • No extra meetings. I don’t ask you to carve out a lot of time for investigation or discussion. I attend the meetings you already have, gathering the information I need and at the same time making a positive contribution. We’ll work together, but I’ll be doing the heavy lifting.
  • Only 3 priorities – that’s all you need. I’ll help you work out what matters most, and concentrate on that.
  •  No new activities (on a net basis). If I recommend something new you need to be doing, I’ll find you at least one thing you can stop doing. The point is to make your life easier, not harder.
  •  Relentless focus on what really matters – changes which produce big impacts with small efforts.
  •  A fee model which aligns your and my interests.  By charging a fixed or a results-based fee I am incentivised to want the same thing you do – to get the project finished as efficiently as possible.
  •  Minimal risk; projects structured so that you don’t pay anything unless or until you have a measurable benefit. I don’t charge a daily rate, so have no incentive to make the project last as long as possible.

What Next?

Read some Case Studies or, if you are already thinking that this could be what you need, get in touch to arrange a Discovery Session.