Strategy Session

I don’t do sales conversations. If you think we have prerequisites for a productive working relationship, we could have┬ásuch a conversation. You could talk about your business, and I could talk about me, my approach and what we might do if we decided to work together.

But instead, let’s do something useful. Rather than talk about what we might do, we start doing it. We decide on a real issue and work on it for 60 minutes. It might be quite specific; “How do we do this, or stop that?” Or it could be very general; “What might a new offering in this area look like?” Or; “What should this business look like in five years?” Or even; “How do we grow this business by a factor of ten?”

By the end of the session you will have received some value, and we will know whether we can work effectively together. If we both agree that we can, then I will offer you a small number of options for the way in which we do it.

If you want to arrange a session, contact me. In ten minutes we can decide whether it’s appropriate and fix a time.