Should We Be Working Together?

Should we be considering working together? Answer a few questions to find out….

1. How well does this describe your working life?

I look forward to going to work, and enjoy myself when I’m there. I spend at least 75% of my time doing the things I want to be doing and which move the business forward. It’s rare that crises and unexpected demands pull me off course; they mostly get intercepted and dealt with before they reach me. “?



2. How well does this describe the business’s financial performance?

“The business consistently makes enough to invest for the future, handle upsets without panic measures, afford top quality staff and deal generously with employees, customers, suppliers and partners. Sure, results vary from year to year, but they vary from good through very good to spectacularly good.”



3. If I went around your business and asked everyone to say what the business did, who the ideal customer was and why the ideal customer came to you and not someone else, would I get:



4. Assuming that there is a consensus answer to the previous question, how much of your current business comes from ideal customers who see you as a clearly superior choice:



5. Suppose you had the opportunity to do a piece of work which would take 5 days and generate £1m of value for your customer. How much would you be able to charge for it?