The Resurgent Network

The present crisis is not a recession, and there will be no recovery.

There isn’t going to be any “back to normal”. Trends have been accelerated, attitudes and assumptions changed, products and organisations that dominated the landscape destroyed, new possibilities created…Most organisations will emerge either much stronger or much weaker. 

If you share this point of view and are determined that your business will emerge stronger, let me tell you about the Resurgent Network.

Who Is It For?

It is for business leaders who:

  • Are determined that their businesses will emerge from the crisis in a much stronger position;
  • See that established rules, methods and procedures don’t apply any more, and feel that that could be a good thing;
  • Recognise that “best practice” is all very well but that doing what other people are doing only gets you what other people are getting;
  • Believe that they have as much to learn from leaders of businesses in quite different sectors as from their immediate peers;
  • Are open to ideas, concepts and techniques from surprising places, even if they feel a little strange and uncomfortable at first.

If you share the mindset of post-traumatic growth, you probably find that not everyone around you shares your optimism and determination. You could see the value of a peer group who look at things the same way you do. Mutual support, sharing of good ideas, offering the invaluable outside perspective on each others’ businesses…

What’s Involved?

Activities will evolve and develop over time, but in this initial phase there will be:

  • Monthly round tables at which I set an initial theme and speak for 10-15 minutes to get the discussion started;
  • An online discussion group for you to meet the other group members and post questions;
  • Curated one-to-one introductions (I will have spoken to every member);
  • Regular office hours for one-to-one consultation with me.

What’s The Cost?

In financial terms, nothing for now. I am at the stage of recruiting founder members. Join now and membership, with the activities above, will be without fee for the life of your membership. I may later introduce a fee for new members at this  basic level of membership or introduce new levels which come with a fee.

In non-financial terms, you should plan on two hours a month to make membership worthwhile. That covers the monthly round table and some other interaction. I would like to establish the norm that if you get a request for help or advice, you respond in a helpful way – and that you can expect the same from others.

Why Am I Doing This?

A very good question. There are several reasons. 

I think the world needs it. If everyone just tries to get back to “normal” after the crisis, then the economy is doomed. If you are determined to do better then you could use some peer support. You may even be feeling a little lonely. 

The sort of people I am talking to here are the sort of people I enjoy spending time with professionally, and I’d like more of them in my life. 

And yes, I am a consultant and I do see the possibility that some of you will become clients, or introduce me to clients. There will be regular gentle reminders that there are things I can do on a paid basis that could help you, but with no pitching and no pressure. The fundamental principle is that membership is worthwhile even if you never pay me a penny. 

What To Do Next?

If you are the head (CEO, MD, Founder etc) of a business, you share my analysis of the situation and the mindset I’ve described, let’s talk to see whether membership is right for you. There is a link to my calendar here.