The Plateau, And How To Get Off It

Does this sound familiar?

A business grows strongly for a few years, then hits a plateau. It takes more and more work to achieve the same results. The things that used to work don’t work any more. In fact, you are beginning to suspect that the things that used to work might be the things that are causing the problem.

You are on the plateau.

If this is where you are, I have good news and bad news:

The bad news – you won’t get out of the hole by working harder, or recruiting better staff;

The good news – once you have found the way to get unstuck, managing a growing business is easier than keeping a stuck business where it is.

The challenge, though, is how do you see the way? When you have been doing things a certain way, it becomes very, very hard to see the alternative.

The only realistic ways to achieve this change of perspective are:

  • To have a near-death experience which will finally break through the crust of habit and inertia;
  • To bring in an intelligent, engaged investor – if you can find one who is interested. (This is how private equity growth investors make their money, but they are very selective about who they work with);
  • Bring in a consultant like me. I specialise in helping businesses get off the plateau and start growing again; in fact I have been described by Forbes as the “leading authority” on that subject.

Engaging me for a project is much faster than taking on a private equity investment, and much less painful than waiting for the near death experience.

Could I help you? Would we get on? It’s simple to find out. If your business fits the description at the top of the page and that is no longer tolerable, then let’s fix a one hour strategy session to explore further. There’s no fee, and it could be the start of a transformation. Email me here and we can decide whether a conversation is in order.