Moving Confidently In Uncertainty

Whether it’s Brexit, the US presidential election or the state of the world economy, you and the people around you are probably feeling a higher than usual level of uncertainty. How do you take decisions when the future is unclear? How do you lead, inspire and reassure others when it’s unclear what you are leading them into?

The good news is that there is a large body of knowledge about how to cope with, even thrive in, uncertainty. It’s just that much of it hasn’t made its way into management theory.

That’s why in the webinar you will hear more about cognitive psychology, horseracing and the internal workings of the CIA than anything you might encounter in a business school. We’ll cover, among other things:

  • Why making predictions isn’t just futile, but positively dangerous – but why you don’t need predict anyway;
  • A contrarian strategy for turning uncertainty into a reason for taking action, not delaying it.
  • Why you don’t need more information. Why, in fact, having more information could harm you;
  • The psychology of risk. It’s the opposite of “rational,” and a source of huge resistance. But it is comprehensible, and understanding it enables you to get it working in your favour, not against you.

The teleseminar is at 5pm GMT, 12 noon EST on Wednesday 2  November. Register for free below. If you aren’t sure that you can make the time, register anyway as there will be a recording.

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